If you are pregnant and considering adoption, A Birthmother’s Choice provides
FREE housing for pregnant women, even those struggling with substance abuse.

Have a substance abuse problem? Pregnant and considering adoption? We can help you.

At Birth Mothers Choice we can help you with an adoption plan. We have kind and caring caseworkers who offer  judgement free help. They are here to guide you through this difficult time. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption here are things we offer regardless of a substance abuse problem. 

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Our free housing options include:

  • Comfortable housing for you and your family.
  • Clean and safe living.
  • All utilities paid.
  • Fully furnished with linens, kitchen items, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items.
  • Easy access to transportation, to shopping centers and medical facilities.

Our Team

As a mother of 2 adopted daughters, Bethany honors your sacrifice. She answers the phones to help you feel at ease when you start the adoption process.

From adopted siblings to an adopted daughter, adoption is a big part of Flossie’s life.  She works with women looking to create their own adoption plan.

Sarah is a mother and adoptive sister, she speaks both languages ​​English and Spanish. She works hard helping immigrant women find a loving family for their babies they wish to put up for adoption, while also supporting the children they already have.

Scotia is a young mother of 2. She helps women early in their pregnancy as they make the choice of whether to do adoption.

Other benefits of an adoption:

  • Money for living expenses.
  • No fees charged to you.
  • Choose the adoptive parents.
  • Open or closed adoptions.
  • Emotional and financial support after the adoption.

* The amenities of our housing differs from location to location. However, no matter what, we always provide a safe, clean and comfortable home for you during your pregnancy and the adoption process.